1:1 and Class Sessions

We offer fully modified Pilates classes and 1:1 sessions in order to re-educate movement and help to reduce and relieve pain!

Unlike many Pilates studios we don't insist that you have a 1:1 session prior to a class, so if you just want to get stuck in why not book into our beginners class today?

Pilates can also be relaxing and often people want to keep coming in order to get the workout and stretch that pilates provides. This is why we offer competitively priced class sessions that we deliver over google meet!

Our online classes don't even have to leave home - simply book and click the link on your class day, no signing in required and then your Chartered Physiotherapist will teach the class live to you correcting your form and tailoring the class! We keep our class sizes small too! Give it a go today!

Shoulder stand in yoga class